110: Redefining Resiliency

Resiliency is a buzzword. It’s everywhere these days – all of it focused on conquering obstacles and  getting back up – all so that we, as leaders, can get back to business as usual and stay on track. What if it’s not about getting back to business as usual?

What if true resilience is embracing and moving through our challenges so that we emerge a different person on the other side? Then the track we were on would no longer fit us. What if true resilience empowers us to disrupt the old paradigm?

Today, Stephanie and Maren tackle this catchphrase. Stephanie shares how she likes the word because it reminds her of re-silence and inner silence makes the space we need for true resilience.

One of the keys to all of it is presence. Being present creates the space, the connected silence, that allows for spirit to step in and guide us. This, the space beyond our inner critic and our judgments, the silence beyond, is where Spirit speaks.

This short, powerful episode will have you looking for your own places of presence and thinking of resilience in a whole new way.

  • 00:41 Resiliency: outward, inward – how about both
  • 06:53 Bouncing back, or bouncing forward
  • 11:22 Clearing space internally
  • 15:49 I just want more guidance

“This human being is a guest house, every day a new arrival, a meanness, a sadness, a temporary, emotion that comes in, cleans us out, sometimes empty of all our furniture. Welcome each one of them as a sacred guest, because they may be clearing you out for some new delight” ~Rumi


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