30: Leadership in 2022

Old world leadership is changing. Are you ready for the change?

“All the leadership training I’ve done has been focused on being a good leader in the external world, none has even touched on being an INNER leader, who is even talking about this?” ~ Maren Oslac

As leaders, we know that we can’t change the people around us, we can only change ourselves. Most, however, haven’t applied this knowledge directly to how they lead. Science has shown that 97% of what we create is based on our thoughts, 3% is what we do. Yet current leadership training is completely focused on the ‘doing’.

Have you thought about:

  • what the future of leadership looks like?
  • who might the new models be?
  • where do you look for guidance?

Maren and Stephanie HAVE spent years diving into these questions and they share their insights in this week’s podcast.  Instead of living from a past self that either fears the future or doesn’t know how to step into it, it’s time to learn a graceful, loving way to step up and step in.

There is a wave of new leadership, a calling from the future; a wave that is stronger than the pull of the past. Maren and Stephanie invite you to join them on this spectacular journey!

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