61: The Power of Small Moments

What are the most transformative moments in your life? Graduation? Getting married? Having children? Career accomplishments?  They very well could be. They might also just be milestones, goal posts, or markers for the powerful small moments that incrementally allowed you to become a new version of you, the person who could do each of those things.

We have choices in each moment of our day, how we will respond in any given moment, if we will move forward with awake awareness and intention, or be carried along with the status quo. These moments are especially important for us, as leaders.

Today, Maren shares a story of how choosing to become more aware in one small moment changed her as a person and altered the trajectory of her life. It started during podcast 56: Trust and the High Cost of Gossip when she was inspired by something Stephanie said in passing. Instead of glossing over it, she chose to dig deeper and challenge herself, and magic happened.

This is an engaging and uplifting conversation that covers everything from the power of the small moments in our lives, to quelling the inner mind chatter, to making space and choosing a new way of being… one small moment at a time.

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Link to Ep56: Trust & the High Cost of Gossip