66: Expanding Options and Embracing Possibility

As leaders, our job is to find solutions to problems. At the end of the day, our ability to solve or not solve the challenges before us determines our value – both in the external world, and how we view ourselves.

What if you could expand the solution set and find more options with better end results?

Today’s podcast explores that inspiring and empowering rabbit hole and includes:

  • The quality of the answer depends on the quality of the question
  • What it means that our school system teaches us ‘What to Think’, not ‘How to Think’, and why it matters
  • We are limited by the questions we ask, so how do we ask better questions?
  • The one word to change in “What should we do?” to completely uplevel the answer
  • The woman who is doing half the work and making twice the money
  • Having the space to hear the answer(s)
  • What it really means to ‘not be on this journey alone’.
  • The power of giving your mind an assignment
  • Dropping into the infinite capacity of the heart

As usual, Stephanie and Maren ended with a question for you… “What quest would you like to move towards? And what would be a good question for you to live into?”  Please share your ‘quest’ and your insights in one of our Soulful Leaders groups.

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